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From my friends at Empire Cigars:

Please be our guest…The 2011 Pork n Puff is set!!! Saturday September 10th we will be hosting Pete Johnson of Tatuaje Cigars for our yearly pig blowout. There is no greater celebrity in the cigar industry than Pete and we are extremely lucky to have him. This year we will be roasting 2 pigs since we are expecting a very large crowd. Both Walt and Rich will be crafting beer for the occasion, so get ready to party.


Hal Rubin

More information will be out soon and I will update this as we learn of the time.

As is the tradition at the Pork n Puff, all box purchases will earn you a ticket into the drawing for a 42″ flat screen TV, an IPad 2 and my 2000 Millennium Opus X Humidor ($5,000 value). Pete is sure to bring lots of cool swag as well as some great smokes you can only get at his events.

Join us afterwards! – Following the Pork n Puff pig roasting, we will be having an after party with our new friend and partner at Amra’s downtown. For those of you who haven’t been there, you’re in for a treat. Dave Mellin is a great guy and really knows how to host a party.

Lots more details will follow (time, deals, etc) but I wanted to give you lots of advance notice so you can save the date.

Save the Date
September 10, 2011
Time – Noon – 5pm

After Party at Amras



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Just letting everyone know, the El Picador, Don Pepin’s version of the Cheroot is available at Empire Cigars.

This cigar is smooth and spicy.  If you are a fan of the My Father line of cigars, this is a must try!  Hal & Co. at Empire will ship!

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June 5th @ 5pm!!  This should be an awesome event!  I’ll be there taking pictures and trying to shmooze with the man behind Tatuaje, DPG, San Cristobal, Cabaiguan, Tabacos Baez, La Riqueza, La Aroma de Cuba Edicion Especial and many others!  Be there or miss out on an oppurtunity to speak with a legend in the biz!  Check out the Empire Cigars website for maps and contact information.

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Wow!  What a blast!  I was lucky to be one of a lucky 100 to get tickets to the AVO Companero dinner at Sullivan’s in Raleigh, NC hosted by Empire Cigars and the birthday boy himself, Mr. Avo Uvezian!

Avo Uvezian

Avo Uvezian

I arrived at 6pm sharp at Sullivan’s and was escorted to the back room where I was greeted by my buddies Hal, Dave and Oscar of Empire Cigars (poor Derek was stuck minding the store).  They shook my hand and gave me a bag with an Avo XO Intermezzo, and AVO 787 Toro and an AVO Signature Double Corona.

I lit the XO first as it was the mildest of the three and I wanted to start off slow.  The XO was a great starter cigar, it was creamy and woody and it got my palate ready for the night ahead!  The Final Four began, so everyone had something to do while waiting for the birthday boy to arrive.

As soon as Avo showed up, unmistakable in his signature straw hat, I realized I forgot my camera.  I looked at my pal Matt of Matt’s Cigar Journal, and he too forgot his camera!  So needless to say that bummed us out, but there were plenty of pictures taken that night.  Luckily many others did:

The Birthday Boy

The Birthday Boy

Shortly after Avo’s arrival we were served our appetizers of crab dip with toast points and fried calamari.  I can’t eat shellfish, but the calamari was perfectly cooked.

After the calamari, I lit the AVO 787 Toro and was greeted with slightly richer flavors than the XO, loaded with coffee and cocoa.  This never has been my favorite as it was modeled after the Avo 22 LE but has not come close to tasting as good as it’s predecessor.


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