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Here are some pics of the 2010 Zen Cigar of the Year, the La Flor Dominicana Air Bender, on my new camera.  Don’t worry, I’m not quitting my day job.  🙂



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Size: 6 3/4” x 52

Vitola: Toro

Wrapper: Dominican

Origin: La Canela, Dominican Republic

Age: fresh from humidor, but tobacco is from 2004 crop!

It seems like it’s been years since the last Small Batch release but it’s now here, the Litto Gomez Diez Small Batch No. 3!  The first two Small Batch releases were some of the strongest and most flavorful cigars I have ever smoked.  Litto Gomez does small batch cigars very well, so I was very eager to try this one!

This cigar has a beautifully oily sheen to it (thanks to selenium I hear).  The wrapper is dark brown with reddish hues.  It looks and feels like a leather cigar!


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Q: How do you make a cigar wrapper taste better?

A: Grow it in Ecuador!

OK, call it in – it’s over.  I can guarantee one of the hottest cigars of the year will feature a Ecuadorian wrapper.  Why?  Because it seems that EVERY new cigar has a Ecuadorian wrapper on it!

So what’s so magical about this little country and it’s wrapper leaf?

Map of Ecuador (Source Worldtravels.com)


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Size: 5″ x 50

Vitola: Robusto

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano

Origin: The DR

Age: Fresh

Woo-hoo! The newest creation from Litto Gomez was on my must try list.  The name Air Bender has two meanings according to Litto, the first is due to his affinity for Kung Fu movies and the other is that smoke appears to be bending air as it dissipates.  Kinda poetic, no?  My shop, Empire Cigars, just got the whole line in and I couldn’t be more excited.


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Size: 7 1/2″ x 39La_Flor_Dominicana_Logo

Vitola: Lancero in the Culebra format

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sumatra, Cameroon & Oscuro Ecuadorian Sumatra

Origin: Dominican Republic

Age: Infancy

What a lucky guy I am.  The La Flor Dominicana Culebra Lanceros are some of the hardest cigars to find.  The Double Ligero Lanceros by LFD are themselves a tough find.  But every once in a while Litto Gomez produces the Culebra Lanceros in super small batches, and Empire Cigars was lucky enough to get a whole bunch of them in recently.


The packaging is simple and elegant: cedar coffins housing the culebra in shrink wrap.  After removing the shrink wrap it was evident that the culebra goes into the coffin just so, do not get in the habit of pulling these in and out as you will damage the cigars!


Before I get to the actual review, I should point out another thing that makes the Culebra Lancero such a special cigar.  Unlike other culebras, this format features three different wrappers: a Natural, Oscuro and Cameroon!  I will review each of the wrappers individually and pick my favorite of the three at the end.101_1778


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Litto Gomez, of La Flor Dominicana,  is an innovator.  His products are unique and exciting.  Unlike some of the top blenders today, you would be hard pressed to try to categorize his line of cigars.  Some are mild and creamy like the Premium Line, some are rich and nutty like his Reserva line and then there are the Ligeros and Double Ligeros – some of the strongest and most flavorful cigars on the market.  (Please check out my Manufacturer Spotlight on La Flor here).

Senor Litto Gomez

Senor Litto Gomez

Litto is easily one of the top 3 blenders making cigars today.  His limited editions and small-batch cigars are always unique, different and down-right tasty!

I had the privilege to correspond with Litto Gomez of La Flor Dominicana a couple of weeks back.  I had e-mailed him to inquire over a few more details to his new El Museo charity cigar.  I also asked if I could shoot him a couple of questions for my blog and he graciously agreed.

Zen: Senor Gomez, thank you for taking the time to respond to my questions.  What brought you into the cigar business?

Litto Gomez: When you don’t have a formal education or a rich father you have to make your own path in life, in the process you find yourself at crossroads, then you make your decision on which direction you are going to go.

I made the decision to get in the cigar industry without any analysis of what I was getting into. It made no sense to anybody our chances of failure were about 99.9999999%, but something almost magic  happened… I just happen to [have]  fallen in love with tobacco and everything involved in what I was doing. The rest is history.


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La Flor Dominicana is a brand that has really gained in popularity over the last few years.  It is the child of Litto Gomez and Ines Lorenzo-Gomez who have poured the hearts into creating one of the most diverse brands out there.  I love the brand as there is a cigar for every mood.  From the mild to the very full-bodied the Gomez’ have put together quite an amazing portfolio.



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