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Rakesh “Rocky” Patel has been in the business for a short time, but has worked hard to produce one of the most popular cigars on the market, The Edge, and a list of other popular lines.rocky-patel

He initially made his mark in the cigar biz with his Indian Tabac line.  It proved to be a difficult road to travel, and with disinterest from the consumer and the royalties required from Indian Motorcycles, Rocky was in trouble.  Then he discovered the world or online retail.  Rocky began to sell his Indian Tabac lines through big internet giants like Cigars International, and they started to sell.

By this time Rocky was ready to make his own cigar, and with that came the RP Vintage lines.  Things really exploded for Rocky Patel who made hit after hit cigar.  His biggest success was the RP Edge a then unbanded cigar sold in 500 count boxes recommended for the most experienced smoker.  These high octane cigars were inexpensive… and quite good.

Rocky has also remained loyal to his saving grace, the internet.  Rocky Patel has made many exclusive lines and brands for quite a handful of online retailers (almost as many as Gurkha).

Recently Rocky’s rep had been tarnished a bit by some sub-par releases and consistency issues with the Edge (they’ve never been the same since the 1st release).

So Rocky has gone back to the drawing board and with the success of “small batch” cigars has made Seasonal Blends and other limited editions like his RP Decade and ITC 10th Anniversary cigars (notice the letters ITC, not Indian Tabac, that way no royalties need be paid to Indian Motorcycles – smart!).



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