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This is another one of those Limited Edition dealies from Viaje.  It’s an odd shape really, closed at both ends.  I cut the foot a little before I light it.  First few puffs and it reminds me some of the Skull & Bones blend, but it seems to not have as much punch.

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Viaje C-4

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Vitola: Robusto

Wrapper: ??

Origin: ??

Age: Dusty

This super limited cigar is the second installment of the Viaje Skull and Bones Series.  The first release, the daisy Cutter, was a little 4 x 54 petite robusto.  This new release, which now will be released every Halloween does not have a name.  It is very limited, just 150 boxes of 25 cigars each were made.  I was lucky enough to get my hand on a few from my local, Empire Cigars.


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Size:  5″ x 52

Vitola: Robusto

Wrapper:  Nicaraguan Criollo

Origin: Nicaragua

This Viaje cigar is already available at my local, Empire Cigars (formerly Capital City Cigars).  I picked this up last night and smoked it.

Made in the same factory as the Joya de Nicaragua brand, Viaje is a boutique company that’s on the rise.  Read here for more info.

This is a rough looking cigar with a spongy feel.  The cap was placed on the head of the cigar, no triple cap here. 

At first light, there was a touch of bitterness and sourness that parted for a nice earthy and toasty smoke.  It looks like a powerhouse, but the cigar is actually on the mild-medium side.

This is not a complex cigar, but it definitely has an interesting aroma, that is heavier than the cigar itself.  It shows lots of potential, this may be a cigar to watch…

Rating: 85 (B)

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