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Here’s another list of some upcoming new releases!

Dunhill 100th Anniversary Edition – similiar to the Signed Range.  More info here.

Don Pepin Garicia Tobacos Baez – in addition to the new “My Father” line, Tobacos Baez will be a slight departure for Garcia as this blend uses a Connecticut wrapper (may be similiar to the Cabaiguan?).

Gurkha – becasue apparently Kaizad Hansotia was geting bored with the three million lines he has out already, enter Gurkha Fury and Gurkha Dragonfire.  The Fury features a Nicaraguan Habano wrapper.

EO brands – OK, so Pepin is getting about as bad as Gurkha, here’s two more blends this year for EO(United Tobacco): Mi Barrio and Cubao.  Cubao features a Nicaraguan Oscuro wrapping Nicaraguan Cuban-seed fillers.  Mi Barrio is going to be very pricey and a seasonal release (each release will be a different blend) to honor Edin Gutierrez(?).

CAO – other than the LX2, CAO is also adding to the Flavours line with Cherry Bomb, which will taste like Cherry and Vanilla… and tobacco.  They are also adding a box-pressed size to the Italia line and another new sampler called the CAO Champion sampler featuring 10 cigars that rated over a 90 on Cigar Aficionado.  OK…

Carlos Torano – The Tribute is back!  After 4 years, the 2008 Tribute will feature 5-year old tobacco and a Brazlian Mata Fina wrapper.  In addition to the Tribute, Torano willalso release the Silver and Gold Sampler, it’s a seven cigar sampler featuring 3 cigars each from the Exodus Silver and Gold lines as well as a seventh Prototype cigar in the salamone size.

Punch One – the last of the new releases from General Cigar, the Punch One features a Connecticut Broadleaf Oscuro wrapper (everyone’s going Oscuro now…) and the blend will be more refined.

Ashton ESG – the 22-Year salute will be out, this is the third i the 50year 5 cigar line and will be a 6.5″ x 55 torpedo.  it will be expensive.

Oliva Serie V Maduro – The Serie V was huge this year and last, and the Maduro version will probably be huge as well.  These will be made in limited quantities.  Only 50,000 made in this “one time” production.

Drew Estate – The Tabak Especial will replace the discontinued Kahlua line.  They’re out now at Capital City Cigars.

Perdomo – Tons of releases from Perdomo this year, including the return of an “old friend”.  First, the Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary with two choices: a Cuban Criollo or a Nicaraguan sun-grown maduro wrapper.  The Perdomo Patriarch in honor of Nick Sr., this blend features Nicaraguan tobacco and either a Corojo or Nicaraguan sun-grown maduro wrapped version.  Nad last, welcome back Perdomo²!  The box-pressed Nicaraguan Puro will be available in Natural or Maduro.

Rocky Patel – Good Lord, I’m getting tired typing!  Rocky is plugging two Seasonal Blends, the Summer and Autumn as well as the Renaissance with either a  Ecuadorian Habano or Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper.

Gran Habano – this company is on the rise after the success of the 3 Siglos line and brought two new cigars to the IPCPR: the G.A.R. and the Gran Habano Cabinet Selection.  The G.A.R. will feature and Ecuadorian Corojo wrapper while the Cabinet will be box-pressed with big ring gauges and a Nicaraguan Corojo wrapper.

La Aurora Puro Vintage 2003 – another new release from La Aurora featuring 5-year old tobacco and an Ecuadorian wrapper.

Oliveros King Havana – Rafael Nodal shocks me.  His cigars are not good yet he’s still truckin’.  Something new Nicaraguan puro here with either a Claro or Oscuro wrapper.


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The two industry giants appeared to have been forced to keep up with all of the new lines the boutiques are introducing every year, so here’s a little bit on their new releases:

From General: Hoyo de Monterrey Excalibur Legend this is full-bodied, using the same Broadleaf wrapper as the Excalibur 1066 series (review from CigarCyclopedia); Le Gloria Cubana Artesanos de Miami replacing the LGCs that were rolled in Miami (review from CigarCyclopedia); and the company’s only Dominican puro, the Cohiba Puro Dominicana (review from CigarCyclopedia).

From Altadis: Mi Dominicana by Jose Seijas which is Altadis’ first Dominican puro (review from CigarCyclopedia).

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:  4″ x 66

Vitola: Torpedo

Wrapper:  Cameroon

Origin: Nicaragua

The Nub is another new and very popular cigar made by Oliva, and is available at  Capital City Cigars.  It is available in Cameroon, Connecticut Shade, and Habano wrappers.

The 466 BPT is the only box-pressed cigar in the line.  I chose this torpedo because i really don’t like big ring gauge cigars and the torpedo helps accommodate that with the tapered head.  The wrapper is attractive, a golden brown leaf with a satiny feel and a little tooth.

First off, I understand this cigar is supposed to be short but because of the length and the big ring gauge i almost set my face on fire trying to get it lit.

The cigar starts off nice and spicy, a little pepper on the tongue that mellows out soon after lighting. 

Almost right off the bat, I found this to be a really hot smoke, and I don’t mean pepper.  I found this cigar burns way too hot for me, and this is directly related to the large ring gauge and short length.

The flavors present was wood and toast with some spice in the background.  This was consistent throughout the smoke, which is also another drawback as a short cigar makes it nearly impossible to blend in complexity.

The burn was also slightly uneven, and when the “sweet spot” was attained, there were notes of coffee and chocolate and some bitterness.

I found this hard to score as i did with the first Nub I reviewed, because if i scored this as i would a normal cigar it wouldn’t fair well.  But the Nub does not claim to be a normal cigar.  So with that in mind, I’ll just give it a…

Rating: 85 (B)

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:  5 2/3″ x 58

Vitola: Perfecto

Wrapper:  Cameroon

Origin: Dominican Republic

I was sent this from a buddy up North, but the two new Cusanos will be available at my favorite store in the world, Capital City Cigars, sometime soon.

After I had enjoyed the new Sun Grown so much, I was really excited about the Rare Cameroon as the Cameroon leaf is my favorite wrapper. 

The cigar looks good enough; it has a nice dull sheen but very little tooth for a Cameroon leaf.  There are a few water spots on the wrapper and it is very firm to the touch, but other than that it looks nicely rolled.

There is a little acidity to the smoke, almost like a citrus quality; there is also the typical sweet wood flavor from a Cameroon wrapped cigar present early on.

A subtle spice builds, just a touch of pepper but an underlying metallic quality as well.

The burn on this cigar is more even than the new Sun Grown, but already I can tell you I prefer the Sun grown to the Rare Cameroon.  The Rare Cameroon is not as smooth as the Sun Grown even though the Sun Grown was a stronger cigar.

About halfway through the cigar began to get harsh and the harshness kept building as I smoked.  This was not as enjoyable as I thought it would be.  This cigar just does not seem ready yet.  I think it needed more time.

Rating: 81 (B-)

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Size:  5 ½ ” x 52

Vitola: Torpedo

Wrapper:  Dominican Rosado

Origin: Dominican Republic

Normally I bash these, but this one has been sitting around for a while, and it did impress me.

This cigar is very popular.  The folks at Fuente did a good job making the Opus X and an even better job marketing it.  By limiting the release and distribution of the Opus X, this cigar is still one of the most sought after cigars in the US.

This cigar was really good.  It was rich and still very strong after three years and the flavor was rich with coffee leather and a very long finish.

The cigar drew well and the only complaint I can give it regarding construction is that towards the end it started burning very crooked, but this seems to be very common with these thick Dominican Rosado leaves.

Rating: 90 (A)

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Just read of yet another new release from Don Pepin Garcia.  It will be called “My Father” and will feature a wrapper grown by the Olivas and tobacco grown by Pepin for himself.  Of course it will be full-bodied.

Plus I have heard that Davidoff will be making their first maduro for the Davidoff brand.  This should be great!  Here’s a quote from a comment made on this site from Danielle Hawthorne of Davidoff, “Yes, Davidoff is releasing its first maduro! This new offering was created because we listened to the high demand from cigar enthusiasts like you. It is a welcome addition to our very popular Special Series and will launch with one of the most favorite sizes, a traditional robusto.   We’ve harvested the very finest San Vicente tobaccos for binder and filler and developed a rare Cuban seed, Nicaragua sun-grown, maduro wrapper specifically for this cigar. Smooth, well-balanced, rich in taste and aroma, it provides a sophistaicated smoking experience with an elegant, nutty finish.  It will be available at Appointed Merchants throughout the U.S. early this Fall.”  Thanks, Danielle!

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:  5″ x 50

Vitola: Robusto

Wrapper:  Dominican

Origin: Dominican Republic

Hal & Co. at Capital City Cigars got these in and I had heard they have been aged 5 years in Rum barrels, so I HAD to pick one up and smoke right away.

I smelled the cigar, through the foot (the proper way to do it), and I picked up a faint hint of the oakiness and slightly sweet aroma of rum, but that was it.

After I lit it, I did not pick up any more of the barrel-aged aroma.  This was disappointing as I figured i would pick up a little but.  All I got flavor wise was a little oak with a tobacco core. 

I was enjoying the cigar when it just died.  It did not go out, it just all of a sudden lost all of its flavor and the flavor never came back.  What a disappointment.  😦

Rating: 75 (C)

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