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From an article on npr.org:

“The senior Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee says U.S. policy toward Cuba has not worked to bring democracy to the island, and he is recommending an overhaul.

In a report due to be distributed this week, Sen. Richard Lugar (R-IN) says recent leadership changes in both countries have created an opportunity to rethink a complicated relationship, which he says is marked by misunderstanding and suspicion.

One of the key policy overhauls Lugar’s report calls for is lifting tight restrictions on travel and remittances to Cuba that were imposed by the Bush administration in 2003.



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Size: 5 3/8″ x 52  dc4-2t1

Vitola: Torpedo

Wrapper: Cameroon

Origin: Dominican Republic

Age: 4 months

So if you know me, you know that I am not a huge Fuente fan.  I find them to be over hyped on average and overvalued.  Unfortunately this Don Carlos Belicoso is no exception.


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Size: 4 3/8″ x 42 (110mm x 16.67mm)

Vitola: Petite Corona (Minutos)

Wrapper: Habano

Origin: Cuba

Age: ~2 years

havbrand6-san-cristobaltnSan Cristobal is normally one of my least favorite Habanos lines.  I find them to be very salty and lacking in depth and Cuban musky flavor compared to some of my favorite Habanos.  This stick came from a box with over two years of age, so I have an open mind going in.

OK, so I start the review ragging on the cigar before I smoke it and I am getting my just desserts.  The draw is a little tight, but the burn is dead even yielding tons of creamy leather flavors.  There is a core of earth and tobacco that develops as I smoke.


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Theme Change!

I am testing out a new theme as I would like to try something different and also let the guys at Keepers of the Flame, have their own unique theme to the Cigar blogosphere…

Please bear with me, it may look funky here and there until I get my settings and custom header set up.

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The AVO 22 is the second Limited Edition cigar that was made into a regular production cigar.  The 787 was released in 2007 to much ballyhoo and prompted me to write another side by side review: then & now.


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Ok, I’d like to try a new little section where I compare older blends to their current counterparts.  It may be just aged cigars against a “fresh” cigar, but I have the luxury of a very special comparison with the AVO 75th Anniversary Double Corona, which was the first AVO LE made, against its current incarnation in the AVO Signature Double Corona.

Due to the popularity of the 75th Anniversary, Avo decided to create a regular production line similar to the essence of the Signature.  I’ll start with the AVO Signature first.


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Paul GarmirianPG cigars have been around for quite a while. Many don’t know of the brand at all.  Try one if you get an opportunity, they are great cigars!  Below is a brief history of the brand and the man behind the name (taken from the PG website):



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