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Size:  7 1/4 x 47

Vitola: Churchill

Wrapper: Ecuadorian

Origin: Honduras

From the Vault:  This one is so old it was before I labeled all of my cigars and the band design is not what they use currently.

I have never been a huge Puros Indios fan as most of Rolando Reyes cigars seem to be very vegetal and have an unmistakeable barnyard aroma to them.  Maybe some aging has helped.

The draw was very tight but it took the flame well and gave off releuctant plumes of smoke.

The flavors were very muted and the finish was very short.  I picked up toast and cedar and that was about it. 

It also did tunnel part way through and then kept going out on me, so eventually 2/3 of the way down I had to give up on it.

Not a cigar I’ll pick up again for sure.

Rating: 65 (D)


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Size: 6″ x 48 

Vitola: Toro 

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Maduro

Origin: Honduras

Let me start by saying that I have never tried a Rolando Reyes cigar (Puros Indios/Cuba Aliados) that I liked. 

I punched this cigar, and the pre-light draw was easy.  I lit the cigar and was surprised.  It actually tasted good.  Most Reyes cigars taste and smell like wet hay.  But this feller was actually tasty.  It was slightly sweet with coffee and earth notes. 

But, my enjoyment lasted but an inch as it started to draw funny and i noticed that it had begun to tunnel.  What was slightly frustrating about this was that I actually wanted to like the cigar.  So I kept plugging along.

It did right itself, only to canoe or tunnel again.

So, after about halfway down the smoke, I had to abandon it.  You’d think with an “Anniversary” cigar, you’d get quality and good construction, but I guess not with these guys.

I guess I still have not tried a Rolando Reyes cigar that I liked.

The score would have been lower if it didn’t taste as well as it did (when I could actually draw on it).

Rating: 72 (C-)

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