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As some of you know, I’m not a huge “Fuente Fan”, but I have always had a soft spot for their Rosado wrappers.  The 858 Rosado is probably one of my favorite cigars of all time (seriously).  So when I heard these were soming out at the end of last year I was very excited.

Being that the Hemingway line is more full bodied than the regular line, I was concerned that the Rosado flavors would be obscured in a bolder blend.  In some ways I was right.  This cigar did not taste like the 858 Rosados.  It did not have the creamy leather, wood and cinnamon notes I love about the 858, but it was still good – just in a different way.  It was much spicier and had some clove and pepper notes that built throughout the smoke.  There was some roughness around the edges with this cigar, but I really enjoyed it.

Rating: 89 (B+)


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Size: 6″ x 48

Vitola: Toro

Wrapper: Dominican Rosado

Origin: the DR

Age: Fresh from my humidor but aged in Calvados barrels at Chateau Fuente

I recieved this cigar from the second round of CRA samplers. The Forbidden X cigars are a little different then your normal Opus. These bad boys are aged in Calvados barrels. So what drink did I decide to pair with this rare cigar?  Why calvados of course!

I removed the cedar wrapping and took a whiff, I swear I could smell that appley goodness.

After the first few puffs I already knew I was in heaven. I got that rich woody and cedary taste with a dash of leather and yes, apple.


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Size: 6” x 47

Vitola: Grand Corona

Wrapper: Dominican Rosado

: Dominican Republic

Age: Fresh

There is no harder cigar to find from the Fuentes than the 8-5-8 Rosado.

They are prized as collector’s items, so I was interested in seeing how such a rare cigar actually tasted.

The appearance of this cigar doesn’t suggest anything special.  The reddish tint and few veins make it attractive, but it really doesn’t jump out at you.

After lighting it and taking the first puff, all I can say is “Holy crap!”.


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Size: 6 ¼“ x 44

Vitola: Lonsdale

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut

Origin: Dominican Republic

Age: Fresh

Angelenos is a new cigar distributed by Prometheus and made by the Fuentes.  It was made to celebrate the people of Los Angeles.  OK…

This cigar is a little different than I expect, for whatever reason I expected more strength from this cigar.

It’s pretty mild, smooth but a little lacking.  I get wood and a little cream and not much else.


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Size: 5 3/8″ x 52  dc4-2t1

Vitola: Torpedo

Wrapper: Cameroon

Origin: Dominican Republic

Age: 4 months

So if you know me, you know that I am not a huge Fuente fan.  I find them to be over hyped on average and overvalued.  Unfortunately this Don Carlos Belicoso is no exception.


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Size:  6″ x 47

Vitola:  Grand Corona

Wrapper:  Candela

Origin: Dominican Republic

From the Vault:  I’ve been putting off this Candela for a while as you need to be in a special mood for a candela cigar.

It’s no surprise that this is a very, very mild cigar.  The process of making a candela wrapper halts fermentation and therefore yields a very mild leaf.

This cigar starts off pretty good in the first few puffs.  The draw is easy and the burn is straight. 

As far as flavor is concerned, this is a candela, therefore it is pretty much bland and tasteless.

There is hay and wood notes, but there is an overwhelming sourness very soon after beginning this cigar. 

The sourness remains until I give up on it altogether.  Try a Camacho Candela instead if you want a good candela.

Rating: 65 (D)

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Size:  7” x 36

Vitola:  Long Panetela

Wrapper:  Connecticut Shade      

Origin: Dominican Republic

From the Vault: This cigar is super old.  I’m guessing 8 years or more but I’m not sure.  I believe the Centennial gave way to the Centennario, but don’t hold me to it.  Tabacelera Fuente makes this for JC Newman, makers of Diamond Crown and Diamond Crown Maximus.

This is a real long slim cigar with a light brown wrapper and a mottled appearance.  

The draw is not as firm as I had expected it to be and it yield a decent amount of smoke with a grayish ash that falls of easily.

This super old stick is mild and actually still has a  little bit of spice like cinnamon remaining with undertones of tea leaves and toast.

It is not overly complex but it is a decently made cigar.

Rating: 83 (B-)

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