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Four Roses Single Barrel

So I got this sample from the fine folks that distribute Four Roses bourbon.  They thought it would go great with a stogie, and figured I would be interested in a sample of their product.

Now I love pairing cigars with port, scotch, aged rum, and some beer styles – but I rarely have paired them with bourbon.  No reason in particular, I just haven’t.  Well I tried this tonight with a Davidoff Colorado Claro and woo! what a pair!  The woodiness of both the cigar and bourbon paired perfectly.  Also towards the end of the cigar, the cocoa and anise flavors were really intensified by the bourbon.

Here’s the tasting info provided with my sample:

Four Roses Single Barrel (100 proof)

A premium Single Barrel Bourbon with a taste that begs to be savored again and again. Its taste is complex, full bodied and surprisingly smooth with a delicate long finish that is unbelievably mellow. Contains hints of ripe plum and cherry tastes with fruity, spicy aromas including maple syrup and cocoa. Drink straight up or on the rocks.

Nose: Fruity, spicy, floral, cocoa, maple syrup, moderately woody. Palate: Hints of ripe plum & cherries, robust, full body, mellow. Finish: Smooth & delicately long. Size: 750ml

SRP: $35.99- $39.99

Thanks again for the sample, guys!


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Pardon the delay…

… but for my birthday I received an iPhone and it’s been sapping all of my time recently.  Here’s some cigar-related pictures I’ve been messing with some cool new photo apps.


70's Style!


PS – yes, that’s a pre-release of the new LGC Artesanos de Tabaqueros.  It has a split wrapper – Connecticut Shade for the first third (foot end) and an Ecuadorian Sumatra for the last 2/3rds.  It was surprisingly good!

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Q: How do you make a cigar wrapper taste better?

A: Grow it in Ecuador!

OK, call it in – it’s over.  I can guarantee one of the hottest cigars of the year will feature a Ecuadorian wrapper.  Why?  Because it seems that EVERY new cigar has a Ecuadorian wrapper on it!

So what’s so magical about this little country and it’s wrapper leaf?

Map of Ecuador (Source Worldtravels.com)


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It’s only $47,000.


S. T. Dupont Vandom Pink Gold Lighter

And if you were wondering, yes those are diamonds, 192 of them.  Learn more.

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La Flor Dominicana is a brand that has really gained in popularity over the last few years.  It is the child of Litto Gomez and Ines Lorenzo-Gomez who have poured the hearts into creating one of the most diverse brands out there.  I love the brand as there is a cigar for every mood.  From the mild to the very full-bodied the Gomez’ have put together quite an amazing portfolio.



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We are looking at ~$0.40 a cigar tax on all premium cigars, which means an average of an extra $8-10 a box.  Will this change your cigar smoking habits?

Feel free to add you thoughts and comments in the comment section!

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Habanos logoThe sizes listed below were pulled from the Habanos, SA website.  Since they make the cigars, these ARE the correct sizes and names (we hope).  Traditionally there have been fewer vitolas listed, but Habanos is now putting out a lot of different sizes.  In fact, they have a vitola for every possible size, even if the differences are in just a millimeter or even the presence or absence of a pigtail cap.

I have separated the vitolas into two sections, parejos and figurados (shaped cigars).  Habanos had all of the sizes arranged by ring gauge, but I am rearranging them by length.


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