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Size: 150 x 20.64 mm (5 3/4″ x 52)

Vitola: Canonazo (Toro)

Wrapper: Havana

Origin: The Land of the Lost

Age: 4 years 2 months

Aaaah, one of my favorite cigars.  If only all toro were made this dense and full of flavor!  Has 4 years slowed this freight train of flavor down?  We shall see!

not my pic

not my pic

This came from a box of 10, and i have been waiting to try another for quite a while. 

This cigar is beautiful looking.  Light brown tawny wrapper with hardly any visible veins.  Our friends in the deeep South sure know how to save the best leaves for their flagship brand.


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I was contacted to listen to a CD from jazz composer Mario Grigorov.  The name of the album was “Paris to Cuba”.  I like Jazz and I was rewarded with an upbeat multi-cultural jazz opus that had be bouncing in my lounge chair!  Here’s the bio:

The ten tracks on Paris To Cuba are the embodiment of summertime. Composed and created by Mario Grigorov, the album’s sound conjures up beautiful complexions, mid-afternoon mojitos, linen garments, and vintage Cadillacs. This is music that immediately evokes an aural landscape, a narrative of striking up a wandering romance with a stranger, a “paseo” through Plaza Vieja or a sunset on the Seine. Lilting, sensual brass sections flirt with gentle vocals on “I See”, “Every Little Movement”, and “Snake Eyes”- the three tracks which feature singer, Melissa Newman.  Blending hints of Pink Martini and Buena Vista Social Club, the percussion section laps as a wave on an empty beach. It is easy for the listener to get lost in the guitar solos, mysterious accordion and nostalgic, sweeping strings.  This is not your typical jazz or world record.


Check it out if you get a chance!  Thanks to Adam and Co. at www.paristocuba.com for the chance to listen to Mr. Grigorov’s fine work!

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Thanks to Matt for the heads up!


Sign up now to enjoy!  Click on the picture above.

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Size: 194 x 19.45mm (7 5/8″ x 49)partagas_cigars_cuba_gen

Vitola: Prominentes (Double Corona)

Wrapper: Habana

Origin: Cuba

Age: almost 2 years

A dress box of Partagas Lusitanias magically appeared in my humidor a while back, and I thought it would be a good idea to check on the box to see how these Lusis were aging, as I plan on going at least five years on these.


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