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Perdomo Champagne band

Size:  4 ¾ ” x 56

Vitola:  Perfecto

Wrapper: Connecticut Shade

Origin: Nicaragua

This cigar is also one of my Go-To cigars.  This is a great inexpensive and consistent example of a good Connecticut Shade wrapped cigar.  You can find it at my favorite cigar shop – Capital City Cigars.

The Perdomo Reserve Champagne line is supposedly a seasonal release, but you can find them in just about every cigar store that carries the Perdomo Reserve line.

The “F” size, which stands for figurado, is not my favorite size (the Robusto is) in the line but certainly does well in a pinch.

This is a funny looking figurado, as its more of a hybrid between a perfecto and a pyramid, where the pyramid has tapered shape from the head to the foot.  It looks like a perfecto with the pointed foot cut off.

This cigar differs from the robusto as it does not have a peppery flavor in the first ¼”.  This cigar starts out a lot milder and smoother.

This stick had very typical Connecticut Shade wrapped cigar flavors, such as wood and creamy light coffee.  But there was a subtle undercurrent of spice that keeps the taste buds perked.  I really enjoyed this cigar, try one if you get the chance.

Oh, and in the Fall, when Starbucks has it’s Pumpkin Spice Lattes available (I swear they lace those things with crack), this cigar is the perfect accompaniment.

Rating: 92 (A)


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Size: 5.5″ x 42 

Vitola: Corona 

Wrapper: Cameroon 

Origin: Nicaragua

Another gift from a friend.  I found little about this cigar other than from Perelman’s, which stated that it had a Cameroon wrapper.  It may have been a Corona Cigar house brand made for them by Perdomo.  Most house cigars are not very good.  I’m a little apprehensive.

Box-pressed with very visible veins.  A little unkempt looking.  Decent draw, flavors are very muddled.

I initially picked up some typical Cameroon flavors, some wood and underlying subtle sweetness.  The cigar gets sour quick and I begin wishing that I accidentally drop it and step on it.  Then I do just that.

Flaky ash also plagues this cigar.  I want to relax and enjoy a cigar, not clean up my shirt.

Rating: 78 (C+)

Casa Montez

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