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Size: 4 1/2″ x 41

Vitola: Petite Corona

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sun Grown Connecticut

Origin: DR

Age: 3 months


When I think of luxury and cigars I think of just one name – Davidoff.  To me there are few super premiums worth what you pay for.  I think Davidoff is one of those exceptions, especially the Millennium Blend.  This is one of Henke Kelner’s best blends.



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We are looking at ~$0.40 a cigar tax on all premium cigars, which means an average of an extra $8-10 a box.  Will this change your cigar smoking habits?

Feel free to add you thoughts and comments in the comment section!

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From CigarClyclopedia.com:

When Zino Davidoff introduced his Dominican-made line in late 1990, there were four styles: the Classic, the Thousand Series, Grand Cru and Special. And for many years, that was it.

Not any more!. At its company-wide sales meeting held in the Dominican Republic last week, Davidoff unveiled a brand new line to be called the Davidoff Puro d’Oro (“pure gold”), the company’s first all-Dominican cigar. It will feature a special wrapper grown specially for this line and it will be fully introduced later this year.

It’s the third addition to the Davidoff line since 1990. The popular Millennium Series debuted in 2001 and the Davidoff Maduro line was introduced last year. Now comes the Puro d’Oro, giving Davidoff lovers seven choices of blends wearing the familiar white label.

This sounds great!  Any new davidoff product is bound to get me excited!


From Cigarcyclopedia.com:

“Our number one priority is to offer our customers the finest cigar in the world,” said Davidoff U.S.A. president Peter Banninger. “The Puro d’Oro product has not yet met our expectations and reached Davidoff’s high standard of premium quality and excellence.

“We are confident that Davidoff will be prepared to introduce Puro d’Oro in Spring 2010.”

The all-Dominican Davidoff, featuring a specially-grown wrapper, was scheduled to debut in June of 2009, just ahead of the International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers Association convention and trade show in New Orleans in August. The blend, whose name means “pure gold,” was announced to the Davidoff sales staff at the national sales meeting in the Dominican Republic in January.

When introduced, it will be the eighth Davidoff blend, after the Aniversario, Classic, Grand Cru, Special Series, Thousand Series (the five original, Dominican-made lines that debuted in 1990), Millenium Blend (2001) and Maduro (2008).”

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From CigarCyclopedia:

It didn’t take long for more information about the new Avo “Companeros,” the 2009 limited-edition cigar set to debut in the next few weeks.

Edward Simon, the Avo brand manager for Davidoff U.S.A., noted that “I can’t unveil too much yet. Just that it is going to be a Toro shape cigar, 6 inches by 50 [ring gauge] with five different filler tobaccos [that] all underwent several special fermentations.
“It is going to be a stronger, very complex cigar, just in the tradition of past-year limited editions from Avo.”

The 2009 Avo L.E. will mark Avo Uvezian’s 83rd birthday and will be the ninth limited-edition cigar in the Avo line. A major launch program is planned, along with the now-annual Avo limited-edition tour across the United States.

AVO Companero

The first Avo limited-edition, the Avo 75 from 2001, was so well received that it was included in the regular production line as the Avo Signature Series, introduced in late 2001. Offered exclusively in boxes of 10 since its introduction, the brand recently changed to boxes of 20 for all sizes. Simon explained that “The change in packaging for the AVO Signature Line was a market demand that we decided to follow. Since January 1st, 2009 the AVO Signature is shipped in boxes of 20 cigars.”
~ Rich Perelman

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Habanos logoThe sizes listed below were pulled from the Habanos, SA website.  Since they make the cigars, these ARE the correct sizes and names (we hope).  Traditionally there have been fewer vitolas listed, but Habanos is now putting out a lot of different sizes.  In fact, they have a vitola for every possible size, even if the differences are in just a millimeter or even the presence or absence of a pigtail cap.

I have separated the vitolas into two sections, parejos and figurados (shaped cigars).  Habanos had all of the sizes arranged by ring gauge, but I am rearranging them by length.


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Now what everyone has been waiting for… the results of the Blind Review Challenge that my buddy Matt of Matt’s Cigar Journal and I participated in.  Basically we gave each other three cigars, one inexpensive, one medium priced and one super premium and we had to try to guess as much as we could about the cigars.


The idea of this little experiment was to see if we could properly identify a cigar without the bias associated with the band (price, manufacturer, etc.).


What was so interesting about this whole thing was that we still found a way to bias our reviews and tastings.  I know Matt is a huge Pepin smoker, he loves everything the guy makes.  So as I was smoking his cigars, I often found myself thinking, “which Pepin cigar could this be?”.  Matt also incorporated bias into his reviews but in a different way.  He kept trying to pick out Pepin-like characteristics in the cigars that I gave him.

How is this?  Well, let’s share the results.


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The Domestic market uses Standard measurements: inches for length and ring gauge for width.  Ring gauge is measured in 1/64 of an inch.  Therefore if a cigar has a ring gauge of 49, it is 49/64 of an inch in diameter.


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