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Size: 6″ x 52

Vitola: Perfecto (Diploma shape)

Wrapper: ?? (assuming it’s Corojo)

Origin: Honduras

Age: 1 year

This little puppy, known as Christian’s Blend, is currently unique to the Signature Blends travel bag, which only includes 4 CLEs, is an extremely limited and hard to find cigar.  Thanks to Matt for hooking me up on the BOTL forum.


So being Christian Eiroa’s, Camacho president, personal blend I was expecting a cigar that will drop a man to his knees.  But the first third didn’t do it.



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Size: 6″ x 52canvas

Vitola: Perfecto (Diploma shape)

Wrapper: Cameroon

Origin: Honduras

Age:  3 years

Continuing the 4th of Fireworks celebration, I reviewed the next oldest Liberty I had on hand, the 2006.  The 2006 Liberty is a bit special as it is the only Liberty that featured a Cameroon wrapper.  This has been one of my favorites over time, but one I did not enjoy that much when they came out as I thought the potent filler overwhelmed the spicy sweetness of the Cameroon wrapper.


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Size: 6″ x 52camcho liberty 05

Vitola: Perfecto

Wrapper: Honduran Maduro

Origin: Dominican Republic

Age:  4 years

This is turning in to a real fun tradition.  Ever since the 1st release of the Liberty Limited Editions in 2004, I have made sure to enjoy one on our Nation’s Independence Day.  This year I decided to treat myself with one of the few remaining 05’s in my humidor.  This is probably their best of the Liberties to date.


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Size:  5 1/2″ x 44

Vitola: Corona

Wrapper:  Honduran Habano-seed

Origin: Honduras

From the Vault: Pretty sure I got this from Empire Cigars, then Capital City Cigars, it’s been aging as I really don’t like this line… but maybe with some time resting.

I always have to punch these, because if I cut it, I usually tear the cap. 

It has a nice even draw and decent smoke volume.  Flavors at first are muddled as I can’t really make out anything.  A couple of inches down it settles out and I get a medium-bodied woody, dry on the palate with leather and oak on the short finish.

This line just disappoints me time and time again.  I’m taking some more points off than normal for consistently underperforming.

Rating: 72 (C-)

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