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Size: 5″ x 50dl89chr-11

Vitola: Robusto

Wrapper: US Connecticut Shade

Origin: Dominican Republic

Age: 3 months

This is Miami Cigar’s new release from the 2008 show.  It is made in the DR at the Aurora factory.  This is a quick review.  You’ll see why…


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Size:  6 1/2″ x 52

Vitola:  Torpedo

Wrapper:  Dominican Corojo

Origin: Dominican Republic

From the Vault:  The Leoninos line, from La Aurora, features a Dominican-grown Corojo wrapper that is a nice departure from the normal Corojo wrapper.

The cigar has a nice reddish brown color (Colorado).  I clipped this, and it had a fairly firm draw, which is typical for most La Auroras.

This cigar has real good flavor, undercurrents of spice, rich with a strong coffee flavor.  Halfway down there was also a bit of woodiness present and it is slightly dry on the palate.  It was medium-medium full with some spice, mostly white pepper. 

This really was pretty good cigar. My only real complaint was the burn a little uneven.

Rating: 88 (B+)

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Size:  5 ½” x 54

Vitola: Robusto

Wrapper:  Brazilian Maduro

Origin: Dominican Republic

From the Vault:  La Aurora is a funny company.  First they make way more money off of their beer than they do their cigars.  Second, their La Aurora and Leon Jimenes lines are always underfilled and their high-end La Aurora lines (Preferidos, 1495…) are always packed too tight.  But I digress…

The Sumo is a fatter cigar than I normally smoke but I manage.  The draw as expected is loose, but I get plenty of smoke. 

At first the cigar is very sour and bitter, but after a half inch it opens up into a nutty, semi-sweet chocolate mellow cigar.  This is a pretty good Maduro.

The cigar is not complex, but it is very enjoyable.  La Aurora, even though they do not have to, make pretty good reliable cigars at every price point.

Rating: 85 (B)

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:  5″ x 50

Vitola: Robusto

Wrapper:  Dominican

Origin: Dominican Republic

Hal & Co. at Capital City Cigars got these in and I had heard they have been aged 5 years in Rum barrels, so I HAD to pick one up and smoke right away.

I smelled the cigar, through the foot (the proper way to do it), and I picked up a faint hint of the oakiness and slightly sweet aroma of rum, but that was it.

After I lit it, I did not pick up any more of the barrel-aged aroma.  This was disappointing as I figured i would pick up a little but.  All I got flavor wise was a little oak with a tobacco core. 

I was enjoying the cigar when it just died.  It did not go out, it just all of a sudden lost all of its flavor and the flavor never came back.  What a disappointment.  😦

Rating: 75 (C)

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